Rental Office in Japan

Start Business with Japan!

Let us take care of all your needs in Japan!!

 ・ Rental Office ・ Rental Apartments

 ・ Rental Secretary (Japanese EnglishOK)

 ・ Rental Sales Staff ・ Rental Warehouse  


No Need to Speak Japanese

No Need to Hire People

No Need to Know about Import/Export

Little Capital Required

Japanese Customers That Can Trust You

  Save on Costs  ・ Redouble Effects ・ Develop Business

   Small Businesses, too, Can Safely Start Trading with Japan


  Sakakibara Corporation Inc.
  3-129 Takayamacho, Yanabe,
  Handashi, Aichiken 475-0962
  Tel: 81-0569-22-8600 Fax: 81-0569-24-3322
  E-mail: tamogitake@saracorp.net